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Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology
Ramadas Nayak MBBS MD
Sharada Rai MBBS MD

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2017
Size 6.45" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 855
Quick Overview
The book has been organized into four sections namely Disorders of Red Cells, Disorders of White Cells, Disorders of Hemostasis and Clinical Pathology.
Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology also features:

•Molecular basis of common hematological disorders

•About 135 illustrations, 27 photomicrographs, 18 photographs and 146 tables have been provided to facilitate easy and quick learning. Some of the illustrations and photomicrographs have been improved in quality

•A summary of the important points at the end of each chapter

•Essay questions, short note questions and more than 300 multiple choice questions (MCQs) to encourage self-evaluation of the important concepts by the students

•Recent WHO classification (2016) of Tumors of Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues.
Key Features
• Provides knowledge of hematology and clinical pathology in a simple, lucid and easily understandable and reproducible format

• Highly illustrated in multicolour, easy-to-understand, and student-friendly book

• Contemporary concepts on haematological diseases

• Concise text in bullet form for easy review and recollection

• Key points are provided in bold words so that it will help the student to just brush through the entire book within a few hours before the examination or viva voce

• Molecular basis of common hematologica disorders

• Laboratory findings of haematological diseases presented in simplified manner

• A summary of important points at the end of the each chapter

• Provided with essay questions, short answer questions and 351 MCQs to encourage self-assessment

• Text enhanced by 135 illustrations, 27 photomicrographs, 18 photographs, radiographs, and more than 146 tables and text boxes

• Facilitates learning and preparing for practical examination in pathology

• Book is divided into four sections-Section 1: Disorders of Red Cells (Chapter 1 to 17), Section 2: Disorders of White Cells (Chapters 18 to 32), Section 3: Disorders of Hemostasis (Chapters 33 to 37), and Section 4: Clincial Pathology (Chapters 38 to 67) deals with laboratory investigations done in routine practice

• Includes Appendix 1: Recent WHO Classification of Tumors of Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues, and Appendix 2: Reference Values of Commonly Performed Important Laboratory Tests.

• Thoroughly revised and completely updated

• More flow charts, tables, diagrams and key-boxes

• Relevance in dentistry at the end of almost all chapters

• Simple and student-friendly.
Target Audience
Students of hematology and clinical pathology.
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