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Gold Standard Technique of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Mehul V Sukhadiya MBBS DGO

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 560
Quick Overview
In today’s high-tech era, everyone wants minimum pain and maximum recovery in shorter time. This thing only happens with Laparoscopy procedure. In this atlas, author has covered all aspects of hysterectomy, such as how to start and what are the precautions you should take during surgery to prevent bowel, bladder and ureteric injuries. This atlas contains 500 colorful pictures, procedure of total laparoscopic hysterectomy, how to prevent complications, how to manage difficult cases and also discuss about general anesthesia.
Key Features
• Contains more than 400 images of total laparoscopic hysterectomy in a systematic way

• Includes easy-to-difficult total laparoscopic hysterectomy management and its complications

• After taking proper training and going through this atlas, you can definitely start total laparoscopic hysterectomy with confidence

• Discusses the practical aspects of total laparoscopic hysterectomy

• Useful to all gynecology and surgery students.
Target Audience
Helpful for the student, gynecologist, surgeon and to whomever interested in total laparoscopic hysterectomy.
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