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Hair Transplant 360 For Physicians Volume 1
Samuel M Lam

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2011
Size 8.5"×11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD Yes

Patricia Wong, MD (Stanford University Medical Center)


Hair transplantation techniques have improved tremendously over the past decade, and it is now possible to achieve natural looking results. The author carefully describes his techniques for appropriately evaluating and planning the placement of transplanted follicular units as well as potential common mistakes to avoid and complications that can arise. Many colour photographs illustrate the techniques and how to design the hair transplantation regions. He also shares his tips for managing patient expectations. There is a nice description of the advice he gives his patients in postoperative care.


ugh, clear discussion on how to perform hair transplantation with the latest and most effective surgical techniques.


ransplantation as a large part of their practice.


The author stresses the importance of correctly angling each follicle so the hairs grow out in a natural manner. This involves developing an experienced aesthetic eye. The book is replete with photographs demonstrating unnatural appearing hair growth due to poor graft orientation, accompanied by detailed discussions on how each case was rectified. The author gives excellent advice on how to perform an evaluation for potential hair transplantation and what to consider before recommending surgery, such as age, hair density, and psychological profile. He also imparts very helpful information on how to counsel patients for hair transplantation. The book comes with four CDs that demonstrate the surgical techniques.


This is the best book I have encountered on this subject, although it still would be advisable to learn the surgery from an experienced hair transplantation surgeon rather than just reading the book. This is a valuable book for anyone who performs hair transplantation or is interested in offering it, and includes important guidance on how to counsel patients. Clearly, not everyone is a candidate for this surgery and, even if you do not perform the surgery, you will help your patients by being more knowledgeable and discerning whether it makes sense for them.

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