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Manual of Ocular Pathology
Jyotirmay Biswas

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2010
Size 7.25" X 9.5"
Cover TypeHard Back
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Maura F. O'Neil, MD(University of Kansas Medical Center)


The histopathologic as well as clinicopathologic features of ocular diseases are featured in this pathology book.


and ocular adnexa, highlighting the salient histopathologic and clinical features of each disease. Because ocular pathology is such a highly specialized area of pathology, a book devoted to ocular pathology is a worthwhile endeavor.


The book boasts usefulness to residents in ophthalmology and pathology as well as to ophthalmic surgeons, clinicians, pathologists and oncologists.


This brief review of ocular histopathology with clinicopathological correlation of common ocular lesions is divided into three parts. Part I focuses on processing the pathology specimens, while part II covers the most commonly encountered diseases and is divided into pathology of the lid, conjunctiva, cornea, lens, uvea, retina, and orbit. The final part briefly discusses cytopathology of the eye, AIDS-associated ocular disease, frozen sections, and telepathology. The most informative section is the first, which covers the fixation, grossing, and sectioning of ocular specimens. The tiny specimens that are common in this field present unique processing challenges and this section of the book is particularly useful. Admittedly, the book is meant to be an overview, but the depth with which each disease is covered is too shallow to be of much use to anyone actually practicing ocular medicine.


In general, this is a succinct book for a very narrow area of pathology. The strengths of the book are the gross pictures and the clinical correlates.

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