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International Journal of Oral Implantology and Clinical Research

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Table of Contents
The Emergency Implant: Immediate Extraction Replacement in the Esthetic Zone - FREE
Jack Hahn
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1001

As more and more patients present to dental offices requiring extraction and replacement of teeth in the esthetic zone, the proffered treatment options range from a removable prosthesis as a temporary measure to three unit bridges and implants. Of these modalities, more and more patients prefer the implant option especially if it can be performed immediately. The author has placed and restored 2700 immediate implants in the 13 years period between 1996 and 2009 and discusses the principles of immediate implants.
Keywords: Immediate implant, fresh extraction sockets

Immediate Implantation and Prosthetic Rehabilitation - FREE
Porus S Turner, Ferzin D Vazifdar, Ashdin P Turner, Danesh R Vazifdar, Rashnavi K Masalawala, Bilquis J Ghadiali, Cyrus S Karkaria, Radhika B Parekh
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1002

Extraction and immediate implantation has become a very reliable and time saving method of prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient. Achieving high primary stability and preservation of hard and soft tissues is of great importance with this treatment modality. Therefore using implant system which addresses these concerns would be important. The presenter with his vast experience with oral implantology will highlight his own method of atraumatic extraction, implantation and immediate provisionalization with nonfunctional loading, with the help of clinically treated cases. He will demonstrate his method which may have universal acceptance.
Keywords: Immediate implant placement, optimum primary stability, nonfunctional loading, provisional restoration.

Immediate Restorations on Implants in the Esthetic Area - FREE
Pedro Peña Martinez, Ramón Palomero Langner, Ramón Palomero Rodríguez
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1003

Implant placement and restoration in the esthetic zone is a complex treatment modality, in which many factors are important to achieve success. Extraction defects are treatable with immediate implantation with predictable results.
Keywords: Immediate implant, immediate restoration, extraction defects

Immediate Tooth Replacement: Strategies for Success - FREE
Randall Warkentin
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1004

The replacement of a single anterior tooth is a common procedure performed in contemporary implant dentistry. Placing an implant immediately following tooth extraction affords several advantages to the patient compared with a staged approach. This article illustrates a case of an extraction and immediate implant placement, emphasizing some of the key principles involved in the procedure.
Keywords: Immediate tooth replacement, implants.

Immediate Implantation in the Anterior Maxilla: A Case Report and Discussion of Advantages and Pitfalls - FREE
TV Narayan, Sarita Joshi Narayan
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1005

Esthetic implant therapy in the anterior maxilla is dependent on multiple factors including the lip drape, the implant position and the available peri-implant soft tissue to name a few. The latter two factors become increasingly important in a patient with a high lip line where a fraction of a millimeter can spell success or disaster. This is further confounded by the fate of the extraction socket. The shift in paradigm from FPDs to implants has placed special emphasis on the management of the extraction wound and timing of implant placement. This report describes a case of immediate implantation into a fresh extraction socket of a maxillary central incisor with immediate provisional Maryland – Rochette bridge, and discusses the advantages and pitfalls of immediate implant placement.
Keywords: Maryland bridge, immediate implant placement.

Lateral Ridge Augmentation by Titanium Membrane Using Autograft and Alloplast: A Case Report with 3 years Radiological Follow-up - FREE
Lanka Mahesh, Manesh Lahori, Praful Bali, Sunanda Choudary
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1006

Purpose: The objective of the present study was to clinically evaluate the effectiveness of autograft and alloplast combined with a titanium membrane for lateral ridge augmentation.
Material and methods: Autograft and allograft as an augmentation material, in conjunction with titanium membrane.
Results: Bone defects of 3.5 mm can be augmented by using autografts and allografts. Bone width gained at 5 months after augmentation was 6 mm.
Keywords: Autogenous bone grafts, alloplasts, titanium membrane, lateral ridge augmentation.

Implant Restoration Materials: An Overview - FREE
Chethan Hegde, Krishna Prasad D, Deepmala S, Rakshith Hegde Clinical Science
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1007

Implant success depends not only on successful osseointegration, but also on the harmonious integration of a crown into the dental arch. With many materials being introduced in implant dentistry, it is imperative to acquire knowledge about various materials available and understand the factors which will contribute to the success or failure of the restorations.
Keywords: Implant restorative materials, properties.

New Advances with Next Innovation SurgiGuide: A Practical Insight - FREE
Alvaro Farnós Visedo, Francisco Benet Iranzo
Full Text PDF | Abstract | DOI : 10.5005/jp-journals-10012-1008

Guided surgery has evolved into a very optimal treatment approach, and has made the clinican realise that there could be means of reducing treatment costs and time, and more comfortable for the patient.
Keywords: Guided surgery, implant planning software.

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