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A Comprehensive Textbook of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diets for BSc Nursing Students

Author Darshan Sohi

Rs. 425

The second edition of A Comprehensive Textbook of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diets has a flavor of its own, both in scope and content distinctly different from...

A Textbook of Nutrition for Nurses

Author Molly Sam, N Geetha

Rs. 295

Biochemistry & Nutrition For BSC Nursing

Author Manjula Shantaram

Rs. 495

Biochemistry and Nutrition for BSc Nursing Ist Year

Author Rajendra Prasad Seervi, Abhishek Soni

Rs. 175

This book also contains the latest syllabus prescribed by RUHS, Jaipur, and INC, Delhi for BSc Nursing Part I.

Biochemistry for Nurses

Author Jacob Anthikad

Rs. 425

Comprehensive Textbook of Nutrition for BSc Nurses

Author Rishi Avasthi

Rs. 295

In this book, each topic is presented in simple, effective and extensive manner for the better understanding of the nursing students.
This book provides...

Essentials of Nutrition and Biochemistry for Basic BSc Nursing

Author I Clement

Rs. 495

This book on Essentials of Nutrition and Biochemistry for Basic BSc Nursing in nursing will definitely help every Basic BSc Nursing student to understand the...

Food and Nutrition for Nurses

Author Ruma Singh

Rs. 395

Handboook of Biochemistry for Allied and Nursing Students

Author Shivananda Nayak B

Rs. 450

Manual of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diet

Author TK Indrani

Rs. 425

Medical Biochemistry for Nurses

Author Kasarla Rajeshwar Reddy

Rs. 325

Nutrition and Biochemistry for Nurses

Author SM Raju

Rs. 725

Nutrition and Diet for Children Simplified

Author Meenakshi N Mehta, Nitin J Mehta

Rs. 495

The word "Nutrition" although known and used commonly is not well understood not only by the lay people, but also by the medical and the paramedical personnel...

Nutrition in Obesity and Diabetes

Author Rebecca Kuriyan Raj, Anura V Kurpad

Rs. 1095

Each chapter has a brief abstract, introduction, and conclusion. Chapters 1 and 2 cover the basic principles of estimating energy requirements of an individual...

Textbook of Biochemistry & Biophysics for Nurses

Author Suresh K Sharma

Rs. 525

Biochemistry and Biophysics is a growing enterprise worldwide, driven primarily by the widespread realization of the major contribution that can be made to...

Textbook of Human Nutrition

Author Anjana Agarwal, Shobha A Udipi

Rs. 750

This book deals with important aspects of nutrition to help the reader to be aware of the importance of nutrients and measures to maintain good health through...

Textbook on Nutrition and Dietetics for Post Basic BSc Nursing Students

Author I Clement

Rs. 650

Textbook on Nutrition and Dietetics is prepared to meet the requirement as per the Indian Nursing Council recommendations. This book is divided into four...

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