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Basics in Burns for Nurses

Author Prema Dhanraj

Rs. 495

Clinical Neurosciences and Critical Care Nursing

Author Sukhpal Kaur

Rs. 795

In today’s era of super specializations in nursing and the concept of nurse practitioners, a nurse no longer continues to be just an assistant, but is actually...

Clinical Nursing: Concepts and Trends

Author Mary Lucita

Rs. 395

Human life has become more sophisticated by the fast developing science and technology. Nursing service and education are attaining a challenging development...

Clinical Record Book of Medical-Surgical Nursing

Author Himalayani Sharma

Rs. 595

Essentials of Critical Care Nursing

Author Jaya Kuruvilla

Rs. 650

Essentials of Medical Surgical Nursing

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 790

Essentials of Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing

Author TP Prema, KF Graicy

Rs. 325

This book is the result of keen interest of authors in improving the nursing care of patient with neurological problems. This book deals with most common as...

ICU Manual for Nurses

Author Prakash Shastri

Rs. 525

The book has nine sections covering from the essentials of patient care like assessment, infections, mechanical ventilation and monitoring to the specialty...

Medical Surgical Nursing

Author G Vijayalakshmi Venkatesh

Rs. 250

Medical Surgical Nursing

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 1150

Medical Surgical Nursing (2 Volumes)

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 2300

• The third revision of Medical Surgical Nursing addresses the concepts and skills needed for adult patient care.

• Provides balanced attention to...

Medical Surgical Nursing I (In Hindi)

Author Arjita Sengar

Rs. 195

Medical Surgical Nursing II (In Hindi)

Author Arjita Sengar

Rs. 195

Medical Surgical Nursing Specialities

Author Onila Salins

Rs. 325

Medical-Surgical Nursing (2 Volumes)

Author Kochuthresiamma Thomas

Rs. 1595

The text is organized into 24 chapters. Chapter 1: Introduction, briefly describes the evolution of medicine and surgery at global and national levels....

Medical-Surgical Nursing (Part I) for GNM (2nd Year)

Author Parambeer Kaur Rai

Rs. 250

The language used in this book is very simple and the presentation is neat and clean and also covers INC Syllabus.

Medical-Surgical Nursing (Part II) for GNM (2nd Year)

Author Parambeer Kaur Rai

Rs. 225

Nursing Interventions for the Critically Ill

Author Shuva Das Gupta

Rs. 325

The first edition of “Nursing Interventions for the Critically Ill” has been exhausted. The response has been encouraging. It is hoped that the second edition...

Orthopaedics for Nurses

Author John Ebnezar

Rs. 495

Pocket Clinical Guide for Nursing Students

Author P Prakash

Rs. 295

Pocket Clinical Guide for Nursing Students has been compiled, based on vital knowledge and found necessary to deliver quality nursing care. Numerous books are...

SRB's Surgery For Nurses

Author Sriram Bhat M

Rs. 725

Textbook for Operation Theater Technicians

Author Neelam Rai, Arpit Ravindra Lal

Rs. 550

Textbook for Operation Theater Technicians is designed to provide a systematic and quality material for OT Technician students and other medical students. It...

Textbook of Cardiac Nursing

Author Reena George

Rs. 450

Textbook of Medical and Surgical Nursing

Author Usha Ravindran Nair

Rs. 1450

Textbook of Physiotherapy in Surgical Conditions

Author Pushpal K Mitra

Rs. 425

This volume is designed to provide the students and practitioners of nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy with an insight into various aspects of...

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