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Common Mnemonics for BDS Final Year

Author Kriti Gupta

Rs. 180

Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry

Author Prashant Babaji

Rs. 1020

Nowadays various pediatric crowns are available, but available information and long-term clinical studies about it are very scarce. Pediatric crown development...

Essential Quick Review: Periodontics (with Free Companion FAQs on Periodontics)

Author Priya Verma Gupta, Vinita Ashutosh Boloor

Rs. 660

Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Periodontology

Author KV Arun, A Talwar

Rs. 390

This book is meant to serve as a guide to the undergraduate students to obtain a comprehensive overview of periodontology. It covers all the topics necessary...

MCQs in Periodontics with Explanations for PG Dental Entrance Examinations

Author Satish Chandra, Shaleen Chandra, Girish Chandra

Rs. 295

MCQs in Periodontology

Author B Bhavani

Rs. 420

MCQs in Periodontology

Author H Shama Rao, Bhavya B

Rs. 350

Molecular Biology of Periodontium

Author KV Arun

Rs. 1310

Periodontics Revisited

Author Shalu Bathla

Rs. 1310

Review of Clinical Periodontology

Author Krishna Kumar Narayanaswamy

Rs. 390

Short Notes in Periodontics: A Handbook

Author PL Ravishankar, L Chandrasekhar

Rs. 390

The purpose in the making of this book is to provide ease of understanding, quick reference, and particularly aimed for undergraduates from the examination...

Sure Success in BDS IV year (Volume-I)

Author Ajay Chouksey, Ankita Parihar, Anand Patil

Rs. 590

Textbook of Periodontics

Author Shalu Bathla

Rs. 1395

The content is written as per the syllabus of the Dental Council of India.The textbook is organized into twelve sections; and each section is further...

Tips & Tricks In Periodontology

Author Shalu Bhatla

Rs. 540

Viva Voce in Periodontics

Author T Siji Jacob, P Arunmozhi

Rs. 350

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