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Care of the Unborn Child with Yoga

Author Shamanthakamani Narendran

Rs. 495

Managing Common Musculoskeletal Conditions by Physiotherapy & Yoga

Author PP Mohanty, Monalisa Pattnaik

Rs. 295

Medicine for Yoga Therapists

Author Padiki Nagaraja Rao

Rs. 450

Smart Life @ 40 Plus

Author Roza Olyai

Rs. 650

Yoga and Rehabilitation

Author Nilima Patel

Rs. 450

Yoga Application for Low Back Pain

Author Dayanand Dongaonkar

Rs. 325

This book gives a broad outlook to the problem as well as focuses on the methods to curb it. The resurgence of yogic lifestyle is not a fad, but a requirement...

Yogic Exercises

Author S Dutta Ray

Rs. 395

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