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Applied Statistics in Health Sciences

Author NSN Rao, NS Murthy

Rs. 540

Fundamentals of Physiology: A Textbook for Students of Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry and Allied Courses

Author RL Bijlani

Rs. 600

The first edition proclaimed itself a textbook for nursing students, but the aspects of physiology relevant to different biomedical courses differ little from...

Human Anatomy for Students

Author Byas Deb Ghosh

Rs. 1150

Human Anatomy for Students covers all chapters of anatomy in a very attractive way, and collection of a lot of uncommon questions with those answers which are...

Leadership and Management for Nurses

Author Pramila Thapa

Rs. 390

Leadership and Management for Nurses, 1st edition, provides a valuable practice resource for health service management students and managers. While new...

MCQs in Psychology for Nursing and Allied Sciences

Author K Nagaraja Rao, B Shamshad Begum, CY Sudarshan

Rs. 230

Ophthalmic Assistant

Author PK Mukherjee

Rs. 1200

The book has outline of ocular anatomy, physiology and ophthalmic optics in simple language and terminology that can be understood by abovementioned students....

Paramedics 6-in-1 Handbook

Author GD Mogli

Rs. 995

Pharmacology for Nurses, and Allied Professions

Author KD Chaudhuri, PK Chaudhuri

Rs. 470

Psychology and Sociology for Paramedicals

Author B Subbarao

Rs. 230

Research Methodology for Health Professionals

Author RC Goyal

Rs. 480

The book has been written in simple English without heavy technical jargons with the aim to provide readers with a book that will deliver key practical...

Respiratory Medicine for Nurses and Paramedicals

Author T Balasubramanian

Rs. 300

Sociology for Nursing and Allied Health Science

Author Tara Madhusudan

Rs. 390

Textbook of Microbiology for Paramedicals

Author Logeswari Selvaraj

Rs. 850

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